Extended Warranty & Maintenance

Our Finance Department offers a comprehensive range of products to address your diverse needs. From ensuring your vehicle remains in top condition with warranties and maintenance services to safeguarding its appearance with products like Xpel, Smart Care, Ceramx, and Propak Protection, and even providing financial security for your family with life and accident/health insurance. Please see more information on each option below.

Premium Care

Ford Maintenance Protection Plan


Ceramx All Window Protection

Platinum Shield Protection

Leather/Vinyl Protection

Stop your seats from cracking, fading and withering away. Platinum Shield’s Leather and Vinyl Protection conditions the interior leather/vinyl, creating a barrier that lock in the essential oils and pigments. It coats the area in an ultraviolet sunscreen while still allowing the material to breathe. A dashboard coated in its treatment receives a flat satin finish that eliminates glare and reduces dust.

Fabric Protection

Block unwanted spills from soaking into your seats. Fend off dirt, grime and all things in-between. Platinum Shield Fabric Protection is an invisible barrier that ensures easy clean-up of spills to avoid permanent staining. Penetrating each individual fibre to repel moisture and dirt. The treated fabric remains open and breathes, with no irregular texture, off colour change or odour left behind.

Paint Protection

This long-lasting sealant enhances the paint’s clear coating. It bonds to the surface, completely sealing the paint away and reflecting the sun, as well as the dirt, salt, pollutants and moisture that gets into the clear coat of your vehicle. You’re left with a smooth, durable finish that protects a vehicle against the harsh Canadian environment. No need to wax!

Platinum Key + Remote Protection

In the event of a lost, stolen, or damages key, the platinum Key & Remote Exchange covers the costs associated with the following;

  • Deprogramming the previous key
  • Purchasing the new refurbished key
  • Reprogramming the new key

Platinum Tire + Rim Protection

Platinum Tire & Rim Protection will cover the cost of damage caused by road hazards including the following;

  • Repair or replacing damaged tire/rim
  • Mounting, balancing, & instillation
  • No deductible


Credit Life Protection

Credit life protection is an ‘asset management plan’. In the event of your death, whether natural or accidental, the loan (lease) balance of your vehicle is paid off. It ensures that your family or estate is not left with vehicle payments, as your vehicle will be paid in full

Accidental + Health Protection

Accidental & health protection is a ‘payment protection plan’. In the event that you are unable to work due to illness or injury, whether it happened on the job, at home, or even on vacation, the payment protection will make your vehicles monthly payments for you